Why a Smart Content Marketing Strategy Should Be DUMB

Simply put, if your website doesn’t have clearly defined goals and objectives combined with engaging copy and content, it won’t be successful. A website without measurable goals won’t help your business gain exposure or build authority in your field of expertise, nor will it inform potential customers what you can do for them, or convert them from leads to repeat customers. And if that’s the case, you’ll be stuck spinning your wheels indefinitely.

We love acronyms, and this one is too good not to share. In the blog “Occam’s Razor” author Avinash Kaushik coined the acronym DUMB in referring to web metrics/analytics and business objectives, but it also easily translates to digital marketing and content creation. 

The DUMB Principle: 

D = Doable. Is your outlined business objective realistic? While having high expectations is good, don’t make your goals unobtainable or you’re setting yourself up for failure. 

U = Understandable. Keep your goals simple and convey them to all stakeholders. Make sure everyone understands the goals and their part in making your vision a reality. 

M = Manageable. Make goals easy to track, manage and ensure they outline a path forward. The process should be straightforward.  

B = Beneficial. Will your goals lead to increased trust or engagement with your product or service? If achieved, will they lead to better relationships and more conversions? How will your goals benefit your company both short and long-term? 

To establish a marketing objective, think about your website’s ultimate goal. Common goals are based on increasing problem and solution awareness, generating leads and converting prospects to customers, increasing sales or engaging your current customer base. By having a clear understanding of your goals, it will set your website up for success as you outline your digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

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P.S. We also love SMART goals, but that’s for another day!

Blog infographic- DUMB

Karen Butterfield is an award-winning communications professional specializing in B2B and B2C content creation, copywriting, as well as internal and external correspondence. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Webster University, St. Louis, in 2010 and then served in progressive roles at a community newspaper and publishing company. During her tenure as a reporter and editor, she earned more than a dozen state awards for writing and photography.