Why a Smart Content Marketing Strategy Should Be DUMB

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Simply put, if your website doesn’t have clearly defined goals and objectives combined with engaging copy and content, it won’t be successful. A website without measurable goals won’t help your business gain exposure or build authority in your field of expertise, nor will it inform potential customers what you can do for them, or convert…

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A Case for Outsourcing Your Business’s Content Creation

Outsourcing content creation might be the perfect solution for your company.

In 2020, most business owners know they need to create interesting, engaging content continuously to stay competitive. But the reality is that while actively managing a business, it’s easy to put off content creation. That would be a mistake, as creative, powerful content will help not only boost traffic to your site over time, but convert…

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8 Types of Content to Engage Customers

8 Types of content to engage customers

There are many types of content that can be used to help engage your customers or clients. Choosing a type or combination of tactics to reach different learning types will help expand your reach. The purpose of content is to serve users. To maximize impact, try to appeal to different learning types: Visual: Prefer to see/visualize relationships between…

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What is Content Marketing and Why is It Important?

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Content marketing is defined as a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material that does not explicitly promote a brand, but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Content can take a variety of formats, from infographics to blogs, videos, podcasts, images, white papers, case studies, webinars…

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