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Being Capable vs. Being Qualified

I consider myself to be a handy person. I have often proven to myself that I can do something I have never done before and do it well right out of the gate. For example, I had never installed a window in a house alone. I have seen it done from time to time and…

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A Case for Outsourcing Your Business’s Content Creation

In 2022, most business owners know they need to create interesting, engaging content continuously to stay competitive. But the reality is that while actively managing a business, it’s easy to put off content creation. That would be a mistake, as creative, powerful content will help not only boost traffic to your site over time, but convert…

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How do I Choose the Right Copywriter for My Business?

How do I Choose the Right Copywriter for My Business? Copywriting is all about creating persuasive and compelling content that inspires the reader or viewer to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or visiting a website. Here are a few reasons your business needs a copywriter: To create…

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Small figure looking at ladder to success

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Early on in life, I lived in the moment. The future rarely crossed my mind, and when it did I had no plan on how to get there, and my aspirations were usually unrealistic. A prime example is my plan of having a pro football career… I already had a job where I loved working…

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Man looking in a breaker panel with a lighter

How often are you freaking out? How I learned to roll with the punches.

I used to have a short temper. I would fly off the handle when things didn’t go my way. This was rough on not only me, but everyone around me. I have been working on this personality trait for really as long as I can remember, but I would have major setbacks from time to…

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(We Fix) Cheap Copy: Why You Should Pay for Quality the First Time

In my hometown, nestled in a strip mall with a few restaurants and other small businesses, sits a quaint barber shop. I’ve never actually been inside, but I imagine there’s a retro simplicity to it. No frills, but a good, quality haircut is promised, expected and delivered. When you drive by, you sometimes see a…

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