When accuracy matters, human audio transcription is the gold standard. AI services have improved over the years, but they have a lot of shortcomings when it comes to the nuances of language.

We accept all of the most common audio file types and turn them into an easy-to-read text document, saving you time to check other priorities off your list.

Timeline and Investment

The standard turnaround time is 48 hours; however, we offer upgrades to 24 hours and — if you’re in a pinch —  we offer same day service for files 60 minutes or less.  

Pricing for transcribing 1-2 speakers:

  • $1.15/minute 
  • +$5 for 24-hour turnaround
  • +$10 for same day turnaround

File larger than 60 minutes? Check our availability for 24-hour or same day service. 

For best results, please ensure the audio is clear with minimal background noise. 

Contact us to learn more about audio transcription services.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Karen is the perfect hire for all things writing. For the past four years, she has given voice to my two businesses with her results-driven approach and she has absolutely exceeded every one of our goals and expectations (which are very high). She is personable and easy to work with, no matter the project. With Karen as our secret weapon, we have been able to cultivate a unique voice for each brand and that has allowed us to grow exponentially year after year."

-Sofi Seck, Founder, Expedition Subsahara

"I worked with Karen for almost two years. She joined me on an adventure to launch the MondayKarma.com blog. It was more of a partnership than a client vendor relationship. Karen was extremely collaborative, open to feedback, and willing to challenge me with her expertise. Thankfully, she knew a lot more about the English language than me. I look forward to working with Karen the next time I need help from a professional writer." 
- Mark C. Pydynowski, Founder, MondayKarma.com

"Karen with KE Butterfield is an amazing person who gives individual attention to all of her clients. She provided me with personal assistance in creating a well formatted and unique perspective of my company’s wants and needs for my website. In addition, Karen is very attentive to even the smallest details that will help my potential clients choose my services over others in the same field. Karen has a charming and professional personality that is effortless to work with. Her work ethic and response time was extremely minimal and exactly what I was looking for in the writing content for my website. I whole-heartedly would recommend Karen with KE Butterfield the next time you are looking for any writing services."

-J.R. Jones, Owner, Audio Engineer and Sound Specialist, J.R. Jones Audio

"If you are looking for a talented writer and editor, I would strongly recommend Karen. But she is so much more than that. She meets deadlines, is meticulous in her attention to detail and above all is a pleasure to work with. I have been working with Karen for five plus years and consider her a great colleague and partner."

-Harriet Blickenstaff, Writer and Storyteller at Blick Inc.